Representation of Bankruptcy Trustees

Bankruptcy Trustees Rely On
Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC

Bankruptcy trustees serve a critical and vital role in a bankruptcy proceeding. A bankruptcy trustee is appointed by the Department of Justice to administer the estate of the debtor in a bankruptcy case. The duties of the bankruptcy trustee demand the highest level of fairness and integrity while making decisions that are in the best interest of all parties in accordance with the US Bankruptcy Code. The bankruptcy trustee has a great deal of responsibility, both legally and ethically. Very often, a bankruptcy trustee will hire legal counsel to represent them as they address complicated issues in the administration of a bankruptcy case.

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Attorneys Representing Bankruptcy Trustees with Integrity and Experience

The attorneys at Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC are uniquely positioned to serve as attorneys for bankruptcy trustees in both simple and complex cases. With over twenty years’ experience in representing bankruptcy trustees, the attorneys in our bankruptcy group are well seasoned, ethical and skilled for responding to challenging issues and motions; providing guidance with claims and investigations; objecting to exemptions; negotiating sale and purchase of assets; and with actions that may require litigation such as fraudulent conveyances and/or preference actions.

Bankruptcy Trustees Rely On Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC

We understand the responsibilities that bankruptcy trustees face and the challenges that they need to reconcile. The attorneys of Butler Rowse Oberle PLLC guide the bankruptcy trustee to make the best choices that are legally and ethically responsible. We represent bankruptcy trustees in every area of their responsibilities under the US Bankruptcy Code and trustees rely upon us to advise them with making both ethically and legally sound decisions.

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Serving Clients With Distinction

“The responsive staff and talented attorneys at Butler Rowse Oberle PLLC are a good fit for continuing the Trustee work that Winn Boylan has developed over the past 18 years. Winn digs deep and expeditiously to identify issues that others may not have expected. She has assisted in guiding my work as Chapter 7 Trustee by providing clear pathways to successful outcomes in protection of bankruptcy estates. Winn’s presence at the BRO law firm adds a new dimension to a firm known for its professionalism and knowledge.”

Karen E. Evangelista
Chapter 7 Trustee
Eastern District of Michigan

“For 17 Years, Winn Boylan has represented me as a Chapter 7 Trustee with great legal skill and professionalism. I found Winn’s ability to navigate the common and not so common issues in bankruptcy to be spot on. Winn’s personal and professional dedication to preserving the integrity of the bankruptcy code is well documented and well known. Ms. Boylan’s experience is a value add to the law firm of Butler Rowse-Oberle, PLLC.”

Randall L. Frank
Chapter 7 Trustee
Eastern District of Michigan.

“In my role as a Chapter 7 Trustee, I have often retained Winn Boylan as my attorney to bring about good results in bankruptcy cases while protecting the best interests of the bankruptcy estate. Winn’s excellent command of the bankruptcy code and her ability to work towards practical solutions provides the formula needed by a Chapter 7 Trustee. Like the staff and attorneys at Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC, Winn is a highly reliable, knowledgeable and makes herself available while practicing law with the highest ethical standards.”

Daniel C. Himmelspach
Chapter 7 Trustee
Eastern District of Michigan.

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