Probate Litigation for Lenders

Pursuing recovery from decedent estates

Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC simplifies probate litigation and helps creditors pursue recovery from decedent estates. Our attorneys bring decades of experience to the table and will help to make the process smooth and efficient. We will prove your claim on the estate, manage the claims process, and work to collect what you are owed. From start to finish, we’ll represent you with integrity and professionalism and pursue every option possible to recover your claim.

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Proving Your Claim

When an account holder passes and leaves significant debts behind, locating the details on the estate and proving your claim is essential. Other parties also may have a claim, so completing your proof of claim and filing in a timely manner will help resolve the process more efficiently. Our attorneys have completed this process for a wide range of different estates and lenders. We’ll take every action necessary to prove your claim and ensure lawful recovery.

  • Conducting estate searches
  • Filing proofs of claim
  • Reviewing estate assets

Negotiating with Claimants and Representatives

Decedent estates often have multiple interested parties. Negotiating with each of these groups and individuals in an orderly manner will help resolve the situation efficiently. Our probate attorneys will respond to, manage, and mediate with each party, including personal representatives of the decedent, estate attorneys, courts, and other creditors and claimants. We will respond to and petition these parties appropriately and ensure that your interests are securely represented. With probate litigation in the hands of experienced attorneys, you can mark this item off your list and spend time on more important matters.

  • Negotiations and mediation
  • Responding to disallowances of claims
  • Filing petitions to compel payment
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Litigation and Collection

Many cases can be settled without probate litigation. However, when conflicts cannot be resolved and claims are not recovered, our attorneys are prepared to litigate and collect on your behalf. Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC specialises in debt-recovery litigation, and we will bring our skills and expertise to the courtroom for you. With strong representation behind your case, we are also prepared to pursue post-judgement collections and ensure the process is completed. You can rest assured knowing that the case is handled.

  • Lawsuits
  • Post-judgement collections

Serving Clients With Distinction

“We have been working with BRO law firm since 2015 and it’s been a wonderful relationship with them from the very beginning. Recently in 2019, Elizabeth succeeded in winning a case in probate court and Court of Appeals which resulted in NEFCU being able to maintain our rights to set off which prevented a huge loss. Accounts we submit are worked promptly and thoroughly resulting in excellent service.”

Pearl Hall
Collections Supervisor
New England Federal Credit Union

“Elizabeth and the whole team at Butler Rowse-Oberle, PLLC have done a fantastic job recovering on our probate cases. I never hesitate to send our files to Elizabeth and know that she will use her expertise to resolve the matter quickly and with maximum results. I highly recommend Elizabeth and Butler Rowse-Oberle, they will not disappoint!”

Cathryn Latinen
Account Resolution Risk Management
Lake Trust Credit Union

“Downriver Community Federal Credit Union would like to thank the entire team at Butler Rowse-Oberle, PLLC and especially Elizabeth Butler for her expertise in tackling a complex probate matter. Elizabeth’s attentiveness to our needs throughout the case, together with her patience and understanding of the problem helped us to prevail in achieving a successful outcome for our credit union.”

Robert P. La Palme, CCUIP
Downriver Community Federal Credit Union

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