Foreclosure Services

Bringing experience and dedication to creditors in foreclosure cases

Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC provides comprehensive foreclosure services for credit unions, banks, loan servicers, and lenders. We combine decades of experience with top-rated technology to serve our clients with speed and efficiency. Our attorneys specialize in debt and foreclosure services, and we have the expertise to manage both small and large default portfolios. You can be confident that your portfolio is in the hands of seasoned experts, and we will take time to manage each case individually.

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A Detailed Foreclosure Process

The foreclosure process can quickly become complex. If lenders do not follow each of the foreclosure steps properly, it can create legal problems. We work through the foreclosure process with each account and take the time to ensure all the details are in order. Lenders enjoy confidence and peace of mind that their accounts are being handled properly, and the mortgage holder takes part in an equitable and communicative process. When the foreclosure process is properly executed, mortgage holders have opportunities to rectify defaults and, if they are unable to, lenders have every recourse to repossess the property. Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC handles breach and demand services, notices, deficiency suits, and more.

  • Breach or Demand services
  • Assignment preparation
  • Title curative services
  • Mediation
  • Deeds in lieu

Working With Our Clients and Yours

Butler Rowse-Oberle PLLC works with integrity and professionalism at every step in the foreclosure process. We understand how important your clients are to you, and we also understand the importance of your assets. Our experienced attorneys provide a wide range of foreclosure services to resolve accounts in default in a way that is fair and sensible for everyone involved. We will help you work through mediation, agreements, modifications, and more with detailed record-keeping and precise execution.

  • Forbearance agreements
  • Mediation
  • Loan modifications
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Defending Your Assets

The foreclosure process can be emotional for mortgage holders. In some cases, the process can become combative. Our attorneys maintain civility and defend your assets through legal recourse. We’ll work with you and the mortgage holder to ensure deficiencies, damages, and other issues are resolved properly. We’ll help you protect your assets and get what you are owed while also upholding your reputation and integrity.

  • Deficiency suits
  • Deficiency judgements
  • Evictions

How Can We Help?

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